Welcome to the Dollhouse

Getting excited for the upcoming Santa Fe Speakeasy themed “Welcome to the Dollhouse”–stories about houses, homes, unusual living situations, or anything miniature. I could do the entire show myself, just talking about wierd places I’ve lived, attempts at “co-housing”, attempts at “sustainable living”, attempts at playing house with a boyfriend, attempts at “making it on my own in the big city.”

Seems like life is nothing but one strange dollhouse after another. But I have settled on telling a story about a roommate who literally tried to kill me. Well, seduce me, then kill me. A New York story, of course.

The Santa Fe Speakeasy!

If you’re in Santa Fe, NM, and you haven’t come to check out the Santa Fe Speakeasy, give us a try Thursday the 28th, 7 pm, at Back Road Pizza on 2nd St. This is a great opportunity for folks working on memoirs to try out some of their stories on a live audience. Besides that, it’s just a great community of people who love to listen to people talk about real life and laugh a lot. My own formative experiences as a storyteller were sitting around the dinner table listening to my parents tell stories about “back in the day.” A lot of people don’t do the whole family-dinner-table thing anymore, and, well, I’m one of them, because my meals now tend to be hastily constructed sandwiches eaten over the sink like an ogre, but The Santa Fe Speakeasy is a kind of different version of that. In this case, involving pizza and beer and an extended family of our own making. Come and join us!

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