Write a Book to Make a Career Transition

Clients want to get a book ghostwritten for many reasons, not the least of which is to make a career transition. It’s well known that a book with you listed as the author helps establish your credentials in your field. With such a book, you can become more successful doing what you do, but not every client wants that.

Some clients want a book to do the work of establishing credentials in two different fields so that they can change careers easily, applying what they know from one career directly to another. For instance, a ghostwriter is often called upon to help such clients establish careers as public speakers.

Use a Book to Get on the Speaking Circuit

You might have been a doctor, TV producer, politician, carpenter, designer, grocery store clerk, or professional in any field at all, but if you have a lot of expertise in your field, a ghostwritten book can help you get speaking gigs at conferences and events. Suddenly, now you have a new profession as a public speaker, educator, entertainer, or motivational speaker.

The trick to making a ghostwritten book work for you in this way is to really know what your persona as a speaker is going to be. Are you a kind, nurturing, inspirational guru or a kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, stand-up comedian? Are you a folksy southern gentlewoman with old-fashioned wisdom or a strong, modern woman with cutting-edge ideas?

Don’t be Afraid to Put Yourself in a Category

The truth is, most people don’t fit easily into one of these marketable categories. Most people have a little bit of a lot of disparate elements to their personalities, but in order to help you get good public relations as a memoir ghostwriter, I’m going to need you to make a decision about the persona you want to present as you make your career transition.

Remember, making it difficult for marketing professionals to pigeonhole you doesn’t make you a fascinating outlier, it actually makes you a really unhelpful client. If you want a ghostwriter to help you write a book that will launch a speaking career or help you make some other career transition, make it easy for people to categorize you.

Choosing a category doesn’t mean you’ll be some dull cookie cutter, only that people will know whether you’re a cookie or a samosa or a steak dinner. Everything that is sold fits into some category, and those categories have audiences, and those audiences are the ones that will, ultimately, buy your book and subscribe to your ideas.

Let me Help You Make a Career Transition

For those who want a ghostwriter to help them transition into a public speaking career: make it easy for me. Find your category, your genre, and your message. Armed with that knowledge, I’l be able to ghostwrite a book that can best serve your needs.

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