True Crime Memoirs

There are criminals and then there are criminals. Some folks really identify as criminals. They like being on the fringes of society and getting away with things. Others are forced by circumstances into a life of crime. Some folks don’t feel like the rules of society apply to them, while others have to overcome guilt about their rule-breaking because they just don’t see any other way to solve certain problems. 

Whether one agrees or disagrees with their actions, people who break the law are interesting to read about. As a memoir ghostwriter with a sideline in true crime stories, I’m in the business of being nonjudgmental. It’s a big part of what I do with all my clients, whether they’re writing a book about business, art, spirituality, science, crime, or anything else. My interest, as a ghostwriter, is in learning the psychological background that led to your life of crime and helping readers understand that fully. What you did is interesting, but why you did it makes the book deeply meaningful. What’s more: walking readers through your tale with suspense, character development, and scene-setting will make the book un-put-downable. That’s what I do as a true-crime ghostwriter.

Life inside any subculture is interesting fodder for a memoir, but being inside a criminal subculture is particularly so. Whether you’re writing a memoir from prison or a book about your secret life of crime, I’m ready to listen to your story with an open mind and help you craft it into a riveting true-crime memoir. I’ve had ghostwriting clients hire me to write about: 

I am the very best at what I do for one simple reason: I’m the only ghostwriter working for the public who uses a humorous writing style to heighten and explore the events of your life.

Being a con artist, criminal phone solicitor, and card-counting blackjack player serving a personality cult around a famous guru who told his followers, “Karma doesn’t count over the phone!”

Committing a burglary that was an “inside job” and involved robbing the safe at a small-town bank, resulting in one of California’s biggest still-unsolved bank burglaries.

Two brothers who built extensive, separate, drug-dealing enterprises. But when the cops closed in, one brother turned state’s evidence, worked with the DEA, and became a millionaire while the other adhered to the code of “honor among thieves” and served eleven years in prison.

On a more somber note, true crime stories can also be written by the victims of terrible crimes. I bring a compassionate ear to hearing such tales and help these ghostwriting clients tell stories they are finally ready to reveal. I’m not a psychologist, nor do I aspire to be one, but ghostwriting clients have told me that telling their traumatic stories for the purpose of writing a book, rather than for the purpose of therapy, has had its own therapeutic effect. My interviews for the sake of true crime ghostwriting focus on the client’s experience and the turning points within that experience, where a traumatic experienced changed you fundamentally as a person (for better or worse). In memoirs like this, it’s natural to include suspense and haunting description that bring the story to life. Clients like this tend to enjoy seeing their stories through the eyes of a ghostwriter whose only agenda is to make it an un-put-downable ghostwritten read.

 What’s your true-crime story? Are you ready to tell it?

If so, you’ll get to decide if you want me to help you develop a unique writing style all your own or model the ghostwritten book after the styles of true crime survivors like: 

Prison survivors such as:

Or famous true-crime journalists like:

(Please note that I’m not claiming to have had a part in doing ghostwriting for any of the above authors.)

Ghostwriting Process and Fees

The way I ghostwrite true crime memoirs is the same way I ghostwrite all my books. It’s a six-month process beginning with in-depth interviews with my clients. This is followed by me writing a detailed book synopsis, then three months spent writing a 60,000-word manuscript (where the word-count can be adjusted according to need). Finally, clients can be as involved or detached as they wish during the editorial phase. When you have the completed manuscript in hand, I’ll guide you through exploring your publishing options, querying agents, working with small publishers, or finding the right artists and technicians to jumpstart a self-publishing process. The whole process takes six months and costs a flat fee of $50,000. To read about the book-writing process in more detail, please visit the main page of this website.

My brother and I were a couple of unsavory characters, growing up, but we had a hell of a lot of fun. Ruby brought out the fun and danger of growing up on the streets and in the back woods of the deep south. ‘Bama Blues could be the next great southern novel!

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Bama Blues

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