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Spent way too much time today debating whether or not to make a last-minute trip to the National Speaker Association conference called Influence 2018, in Dallas. In the end, I couldn’t make it, but if you’re a ghostwriting client who wants a book written in order to promote a career as a speaker, you really ought to know about the NSA. Not that NSA! Rather, the National Speaker Association.

Who Joins the National Speaker Association?

Even though I don’t give many presentations myself, I’m part of the NSA as an affiliate, because many of my clients hire me to write memoirs and other books for the purpose of transitioning into careers in the speaking profession. (This blog tells you more about how to do that.)

We’re talking about motivational speakers, keynote speakers, business-oriented speakers. The different speakers in National Speaker Association have their own concentrations, but they all share that special ability to engage a crowd, get laughs, and bring up the energy in the room.

The NSA website offers a lot of information on both the art and business of speaking. The group also has a couple of big conference-type meetings a year.

I’m not recommending the NSA to every reader, as I don’t know what your personal needs are, but I think entrepreneurs, especially those having books ghostwritten, should at least know this organization is out there. This link delves deeper into making the decision as to whether or not to join an association like this.

Books, Speeches, and Entrepreneurism

As a memoir ghostwriter, I have clients that approach me for all kinds of reasons. Those who want their memoir or nonfiction book to help them with an entrepreneurial venture often want to integrate the book with opportunities to speak to groups. (Here’s a blog about one of my wacky clients)

Clients need to get their messages out there any way they can. So, whether you’re an architect, a hair stylist, a clothing designer, or any other type of entrepreneur, remember that a ghostwritten book about your craft is sometimes just one part of a larger media package that you use to get your message across.

Naturally, I’m inclined to think the book is the most important aspect of your promotional material, but talks and appearances factor in as well. That’s why I’ve joined with the NSA, to form a partnership with others who support entrepreneurs.

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