Welcome to the Ruby Peru fan club.

Fans of Bits of String Too Small to Save will love the freebies and treats available on this page. You’ll get to see Philip Harris’ journey as he sketched various ideas for the novel’s illustrations and we worked together to perfect my vision. I’ll upload the occasional chapter of new books and stories I’m working on as well as the work of exciting new illustrators I find along the way. Thanks for your interest in my work, and I hope you enjoy this growing list of fun freebies, just for my fan club!

Ruby Peru

Exclusive Artwork

Take an incredible trip down illustrator’s memory lane. There, you’ll be treated to Philip Harris’ preliminary sketches for Bits of String Too Small to Save. You can get inside the artist’s mind, as he creates the beautiful pen-and-ink drawings that helped make Bits of String a cult classic ….

book cover with sexy armed lady detective

Introducing Ruby Peru’s newest adventure in co-authorship. Herman Hinton, a retired thirty-year veteran of the Birmingham Police force who spent six years as Homicide Detective Commander wrote the plot and characters for this audacious thriller, then handed it to Ruby for the chapter-by-chapter text and dialogue. Click below for a video that takes you inside Herman’s fascinating mind and our process.