Larry Vaughn

Writing this book with Ruby has enabled me to be honest about my lifelong struggle with dyslexia. Her research also taught me some of the benefits of dyslexia, so I learned a lot along the way. Most importantly, I’ve been told my book inspires others, and that means so much!

Ger Duany

I always knew that I’ve had unique life experiences, which could be hard to capture because my journey has been a very long one. When I met Ruby here in NYC, I instantly sensed her talent as a writer, and she captured my journey and life experiences. Now, I am publishing a book with the … Read more

Ron Standard

I’d like to pass on my coaching system, which really teaches kids the meaning of teamwork. Ruby helped me do that in a way that’s fun to read and also very informative about coaching, baseball culture, and the changing culture of California high schools, as well. Hopefully, one day, the true spirit of teamwork will … Read more

Charles Major

Ruby, I just went off! I said everything on my mind, everything from my heart, and you took those ideas from raw recordings to organized chapters. You treated my experience of coming up from nothing with a lot of love, and wrote a book with great insight.

Dao Chien

My childhood during the war was magical, horrible, heroic, and not really a childhood at all. Early on, I learned to laugh at the most horrible things, because how else can you live? Ruby wrote a book that made people understand my dark sense of humor.

Durg Stan Singh

Ruby, This has been quite an adventure: spiritual, physical, emotional, and everything. I have a strong feeling we’ll be working together again on another book after this one makes the best seller’s list!

Carson Whit

My brother and I were a couple of unsavory characters, growing up, but we had a hell of a lot of fun. Ruby brought out the fun and danger of growing up on the streets and in the back woods of the deep south. ‘Bama Blues could be the next great southern novel!

Kim Whiteford

Ruby is really tapping into my sense of humor in writing this book and has definitely gotten what am looking for here. . . really fun!

Elie Nakouzi

Ruby, I feel like you really understand my Arabic-speaking voice. The coarseness. And I’m very blunt. You got that. These chapters sound just like the way I would write if English was my first language, instead of the third. And you really bring across the way we live, always in the moment, always celebrating. That’s … Read more

Martin Kraidin

Ruby, you listened, really listened, and told my story back to me in a way that was insightful but also really entertaining. Sometimes I laughed and cried on the same page. Having you tell my story as an epic romance, which it really was, made me feel like everything I have been through was for … Read more