Live Memoir Storytelling

little girl with a pink guitar

Hosted another great Santa Fe Speakeasy last week. Lots of thanks to every one of my storytellers and audience members! Our next Speakeasy–a monthly show featuring true stories told live without notes–will be our “Speakeasy All Stars” show. This is a chance for the audience to hear some of their favorite stories from past Speakeasys, but also an opportunity for storytellers to hone their stories.

Sometimes the second time is the charm for stories about prison, aliens, natural beauty, travel, or whatever it is. Many of our memoir short-stories have great content but it takes that first run-through to realize where the true core of the story is. This is why oral storytelling is actually really valuable for writers. The stories usually need to be changed a lot when and if you put them into print, but oral storytelling helps you figure out what the story is really about. Where the core of it is. It’s the audience reaction that really makes that difference.

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