Writers are Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, I think I’ve been in denial about a little thing called stress, for years. Perhaps “ignorance” is more accurate than “denial,” though. It’s just that I always thought of “stress” as something suffered by working moms, high powered lawyers, and people in the midst of divorce. As for me: I’m self employed, … Read moreWriters are Entrepreneurs

Practice Creativity in a Writer’s Group

I’ve finally done it. Bitten the proverbial bullet. Made myself a “leader” of a “writer’s group.” It’s a group where we practice creativity, which  is, after all, a skill. Honestly, I stay away from writer’s groups as a rule because … who was it that said, “I’d never join a group that would have me … Read morePractice Creativity in a Writer’s Group

Writing: The Sane Insanity

Anyone who has ever tried to write her own memoir without any writing experience quickly discovers that it’s not easy. In fact, for most people, it’s impossible. Not everyone is a writer. In fact, most people have trouble stringing a few sentences together in a compelling way, and that is as it should be. Becoming … Read moreWriting: The Sane Insanity

“Reviews” Versus “Critiques”

I am being driven crazy, and the ones doing it are so-called friends: people that I ask to read my novel Bits of String Too Small to Save and leave an Amazon Review. Ahem … people don’t seem to know the difference between a critique and a review. This fact may finally be my undoing. … Read more“Reviews” Versus “Critiques”

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