On how ghostwriting is like dancing, but dancing is so different from what you think

Partner Dancing

Men tell me things they don’t tell anyone else. I mean, it’s my job to listen to people tell the stories of their lives. And a lot of those people are men, and sometimes they say wildly sexist things, but it’s because these are their true beliefs. It’s not my job to enlighten them, and … Read more

Reading, Writing, Talking, Listening: What’s it all for?

Statistics show that according to a survey done in the 1950s, and again recently, people had four confidantes apiece back then, and now people have less than one. Which is interesting because facebook culture likes to give the impression we’re all wallowing in pools of friends everywhere we go. We all know it’s BS, but here finally is a study that, if you believe its results, proves it.

Fact is, it’s a lonely world. We all need someone to talk to, and we don’t all have that someone. And if this statistic is true, it’s particularly sad, because one hopes one’s spouse will be a confidante, but apparently that isn’t always true. It makes me wonder–is it harder for people to talk nowadays? Or is it harder to listen? People travel more and have access to so many more people and communities, you might think they would be able to find like-minded folks more easily, but apparently not, which is a really scary fact when you think about it, and really relevant to writers and ghostwriters.

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