Careless Inconsistency Frustrates Even the Best Stories

zombie hands clutching the earth show careless inconsistency in the character

Let’s face it, Game of Thrones is having a serious identity crisis. It thinks it’s The Walking Dead, now. Careless inconsistencies abound! From a fiction writer’s perspective, the situation is disturbing. Sure, Walking Dead doesn’t own the zombie archetype. Anyone can use it, but it’s about the way Thrones is using it. Zombie Weapons: More … Read more

Did I Accidentally Write a Young Adult Adventure Novel?

open book of young adult adventure

Recent run-ins with youngsters that like my book Bits of String too Small to Save have made me wonder, is my novel Young Adult adventure? Is it children’s literature? Or is it simply its own literary phenomenon? (that sounded arrogant) Agents and publishers and people who really ought to know have told me the book … Read more