NFreads covers Larry Vaughn!


I’m delighted that NFreads, a site that reviews and features great nonfiction has published a piece I wrote about working as a biographer with the brilliant Larry Vaughn. Take a look here! Larry has taken on the ambitious project of doing a public relations campaign for his book Business Cards and Shoe Leather. We sent … Read moreNFreads covers Larry Vaughn!

Author Acknowledges Ghostwriter

I want to commend my client Larry Vaughn for getting out there and making sure his book gets into the public eye. Larry’s memoir, Business Cards and Shoe Leather, is all about how cooperation, not competition, brings out the best in every business. Larry walks the walk, too, as he is eager to bring everyone … Read moreAuthor Acknowledges Ghostwriter

Build Your Author Platform with Deep Blogging

This blog is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about how important it is to build your author platform. Would-be authors, in order to build your author platform, you probably already know that you need to blog. A blog is just a magazine about yourself that you publish online to let people in on the fact … Read moreBuild Your Author Platform with Deep Blogging

Become a Sure Thing, or “Tap Dance Backward in Heels”

We wrote a book together and now you want to publish it, right? Dear client, since I ghostwrote your book, I can assure you the memoir is of top, publishable quality and readers are laughing and crying in all the right places, so why aren’t publishers beating down your door? Because … you’re not a … Read moreBecome a Sure Thing, or “Tap Dance Backward in Heels”

Will Writing a Book Make You Rich?

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Let me answer this question for once and for all: will writing a book make you rich? It’s pretty unlikely. Have books made people rich before? Yes, they have, but there’s a lot that goes into making money from a book. It’s complicated. I say this because sometimes ghostwriters get a bad rap as “that … Read moreWill Writing a Book Make You Rich?

Memoir Propelled Bourdain to Fame

Anthony Bourdain, rest his soul, was a writer in the true sense of the word. That is to say, he wasn’t so much a “writer” as someone who had a lot to write about. His background in the restaurant industry inspired his first book, Kitchen Confidential. That memoir, in turn, led to a career that grew … Read moreMemoir Propelled Bourdain to Fame

Write a Book to Make a Career Transition

Clients want to get a book ghostwritten for many reasons, not the least of which is to make a career transition. It’s well known that a book with you listed as the author helps establish your credentials in your field. With such a book, you can become more successful doing what you do, but not … Read moreWrite a Book to Make a Career Transition

Is my Novel Young Adult?

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Recent run-ins with youngsters that like my book Bits of String too Small to Save have made me wonder, is my novel Young Adult? Is it children’s literature? Or is it simply its own literary phenomenon? (that sounded arrogant) Agents and publishers and people who really ought to know have told me the book isn’t YA, … Read moreIs my Novel Young Adult?

A Moralizing Memoir is a Dirty Trick

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Back to Megyn Kelly’s memoir, Settle for More. (here’s my first blog on the subject) I’m going to refine my criticism of it in the previous blog, just because I went ahead and read the second third of the book. I can now state unequivocally: a moralizing memoir like this one really annoys me. The … Read moreA Moralizing Memoir is a Dirty Trick

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