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When clients are driven to have me ghostwrite spiritual memoirs, it’s typically because they’ve had an intense experience that made them question the very meanings of their lives. For those who were involved with a cult, religion, or other spiritual group, and their experiences went bad, getting out was often deeply confusing. The psychological and emotional process of re-organizing your viewpoint based upon new, conflicting information is often like being reborn. A good ghostwriter of spiritual memoirs writes a book that reflects that deep confusion. After all, spiritual confusion is a deeply human experience to which many readers can relate.

The Experiences that are Key to any Spiritual Memoir

People make huge life changes based upon moments of revelation, such as when they realized their cult leader was a fraud … or the opposite. Perhaps your topic is the experience of finding a trusted guru. Often, a particularly memorable spiritual experience made a ghostwriting client gain or lose faith in some version of a higher power; that’s what we call a transitional moment. But such sudden revelations are typically long in coming. Usually there were a lot of little clues leading up to that revelatory moment. You ignored them until you couldn’t anymore. Am I right? 

Don’t Ignore Them Anymore!

I am the very best at what I do for one simple reason: I’m the only ghostwriter working for the public who uses a humorous writing style to heighten and explore the events of your life.

When I interview clients who hire me to ghostwrite spiritual memoirs, I always look for those transitional or revelatory moments as well as the deep internal shifts that changed everything, but I also look at clients’ backgrounds, previous experiences, and interests for some clue as to what led them down the paths in question. What aspects of their personalities made ghostwriting clients either vulnerable to a charlatan or open to receiving a divine message? This is interesting to read about, as readers often see themselves in your struggle.

When it comes to memoirs about topics of a spiritual nature, I’ve worked with many interesting clients, among them:

A spiritualist and military sharp-shooter who spent thirty years in a New Age tantric yoga cult and later realized his guru was a fraud.

A narcissistic playboy who was punched in the face so hard, one day, it resulted in a profound spiritual enlightenment that completely turned his life around.

A Vietnamese immigrant who wrote about her deeply spiritual and magical childhood, where she saw spirits linger on Earth as balls of light.

The Interview Process

A big part of my skill as a ghostwriter is my interview process, which is customized per client and never based upon filling out forms. I’ll let clients ramble about their experiences in no particular order, but when I start seeing patterns and trends, I’ll use my interviewing skill to point those out and ask you to examine those trends, if you haven’t already. How long had you been that way? Were you raised with this mindset, or did you develop it on your own? Stuff like that. This sometimes helps clients realize more about why they were drawn to a particular spiritual experience and how they got the results they did. That level of insight makes the book incredibly compelling.

My Role as a Ghostwriter of Spiritual Books

Spiritual memoirs are a delight for me to ghostwrite. I find all subcultures interesting and the subcultures that form around religions, spiritual groups, and cults are fascinating to examine. When spirituality features prominently in peoples’ lives and leads to huge life changes, the brain is working in a deeply complex way, creating a story that keeps readers on the edges of their seats. 

If you’re interested in having a spiritual book ghostwritten, I know the first thing you’re probably going to ask me. I’ll answer it now. Your question is about my particular spiritual viewpoint or religion. You want to know if I’m in agreement with the way you see the world. I hate to disappoint you, but I won’t be discussing my own spiritual, religious, or political views with my clients. Ever. When I ghostwrite a spiritual book for you, my job is to deeply understand, analyze, and write about your spiritual experience, not to share it. My role as ghostwriter is to stand outside your experience and look in on it, not to be inside it with you. Trust me, the ghostwritten book will benefit from that level of detachment. 

Ghostwriting Process and Fees

As with all my books, when I ghostwrite spiritual memoirs for clients, I spend thirty to forty hours over the course of a month conducting recorded interviews, then write a book synopsis followed by (typically) a 60,000-word manuscript. Finally, clients are invited to participate in the editorial process, and within six months, you’ll have a polished, publication-worthy manuscript. I don’t publish books, but I will guide you through finding the book cover artists and various technicians necessary to prepare a book for print. I’ll advise you on your various publication choices, too, whether you seek commercial publication, small-press publication, or wish to go the indy-publishing route. I don’t publish books, but I know a lot about it, so, once the manuscript is finished, I’ll be your guide until you’re a successful, published author. For more detail about the book-writing process, please refer to the main page of this website which goes into more detail. 

My 60,000-word ghostwritten books cost a flat fee of $50,000, payable over the course of six months, and are finished in those six months. If, after reading this page, having your spiritual book ghostwritten by Ruby Peru sounds like a good idea, feel free to contact me for a no-fee initial consultation where we can see if we’re a good fit. 

My childhood during the war was magical, horrible, heroic, and not really a childhood at all. Early on, I learned to laugh at the most horrible things, because how else can you live? Ruby wrote a book that made people understand my dark sense of humor.

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