Personal messages: don’t publish them online. Please. Don’t.

It is rather annoying, in my opinion, when people publish personal love letters on their social media pages. Like I have a friend that, every year, publishes a long, lovey-dovey message to her husband on their anniversary. Gross. Publishing that publicly is exactly like saying: “I want the world at large to appreciate my extraordinary capacity for love. My actual husband is irrelevant to the point.”

There is a better way to send beautiful heartfelt prose poems

about your true feelings. You’re not going to believe this. You’re going to think it’s outlandish and nutty. You’re going to think I’ve blown a gasket when I tell you, but I stand by this tried and true method. Just write it down in your own handwriting and give it to the person. Just give it to him or her. Just hand it over and say, “This is what I wanted to say, and I wanted to get it just right.” 

There is no need to announce your feelings to the world. Just write it and give it. In our world today, communicating by writing in a way that is actually private is such an intimate act that it could scare people. Really. I know. But if you think your loved one can handle it. Try it. You’ll see. More on this in next blog.

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