TED Talks

You’re a visionary. You’ve got an important idea, invention, or discovery, and people need to take action on it, immediately. Your idea might even change the way we’re all living, especially if you can get it out there through the respected venue known as TED talks. You’re a scientist, an educator, a designer, or somebody whose work falls into these categories. More than anything, you need help taking a complex, multi-faceted idea and communicating it in a way that’s accessible, relatable, even funny. It’s one of life’s great ironies that, oftentimes, those with ideas worth spreading aren’t the greatest at communicating those ideas well. My name is Ruby Peru, and I’m here to help.

My skill as a ghostwriter is grounded in two main skills. One is the creativity that enables me to bring moments to life with vivid imagery and interesting dialogue, and the second is a linear mind. This enables me to take hundreds of pages of information and concisely sum up the critical points. These skills, when combined, mean I can communicate your vision in such a way that anyone will understand and enjoy it. I’m deeply interested in helping today’s visionaries express their ideas to the public. This work might take the form of speeches, presentations, whitepapers, or nonfiction books. Ultimately, I aim to work with those who are, or hope to be, speakers at TED talks, TEDx presenters, and TED fellows.

Give me your tired, your poor … your complex and obscure

I have written full-length books on topics covering everything from science to spirituality to design and have been an educator myself, so I’m well versed in interpreting even the most complex or obscure topics. After conducting research, I typically involve the client in an interview process where I ask in-depth questions in order to find the human-centric side of your research or invention. This way I can help viewers, readers, and listeners find their own ways to relate to your invention or discovery.

Visionaries, contact me and help me help you communicate ideas worth spreading.

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