Memoirs & Autobiographies

The vast majority of creative nonfiction takes the form of memoir, which is similar to autobiography. Some memoirs explore the full trajectory of the subject’s life, while others focus on one important time period that bears deep examination. The interview process is key to having a great memoir or autobiography ghostwritten. 

I have honed my interview process to ask clients for not only the everyday facts of my clients’ lives, careers, and stories, but also key transitional moments where clients learned or experienced something that changed them forever. Seldom are those moments big, dramatic events like weddings, graduations, and funerals. Instead, most folks tend to experience profound insights or make life-altering decisions on otherwise perfectly normal days, so, in our interviews, we have to dig deep to remember those moments. Finding important transitional time periods is part of what I do that makes your ghostwritten memoir or autobiography unique, incisive, and fascinating.

Ready For Your Interview? 

I am the very best at what I do for one simple reason: I’m the only ghostwriter working for the public who uses a humorous writing style to heighten and explore the events of your life.

Your Unique Voice

Developing your unique voice is also important for making your memoir come alive. Some clients specifically ask for their book to read like a favorite author. Others want to emulate styles typically found in genres such as detective or romance novels. Most simply want the authorial voice to sound “like me.” Ruby has shown mastery of all these styles, often creating enhanced versions of clients’ own speaking voices. 

In my more-than twenty years as a ghostwriter, I have ghostwritten books as varied as detective novels, romances, and books on time management, but I’ve spent most of my career as a ghostwriter penning ghostwritten memoirs and autobiographies for a wide variety of clients. The list below gives you an idea of exactly how diverse that career has been:

A client who succeeded despite crippling dyslexia wasn’t fazed by any aspect of building a multi-million-dollar business, but being embarrassed in front of his wife made him realize it was finally time to learn to read.

In a memoir ghostwritten as an epic romance, a young married couple is forced by their own warring parents to divorce, despite her pregnancy. When their son is eighteen, he reunites his parents, the couple remarry, and their epic romance continues.

In another ghostwritten memoir, a wildlife researcher in Africa used what he learned from the elusive honey badger to succeed in business.

A neuroscientist who was also a women’s college basketball coach built a business helping student athletes succeed academically using the latest principles of brain science.

A female scientist fought for her right to work in the nearly all-male environment of America’s premier Antarctic research facility, then had to fight again to be recognized for her ground-breaking achievements.

A refugee who arrived in America in 1975, on the last helicopter out of Saigon, built a business empire with both her indomitable work ethic and belief in traditional magic.

A down-and-out, homeless alcoholic finally went into recovery after three trips to rehab and used the only life experience he had to build one of America’s premier rehab clinics for veterans.

A young South Sudanese man grew up running from attacks in a genocidal war against his people, then came to America as a refugee and became a Hollywood actor.

A spiritualist and military sharp-shooter spent thirty years in a New Age tantric yoga cult and later realized his guru was a fraud.

In a truly unusual ghostwritten autobiography, a narcissistic playboy was punched in the face so hard, one day, it resulted in a profound spiritual enlightenment that completely turned his life around.

In the face of his mother’s death from cancer, a young man honors her memory by dedicating his life to making her organic farm successful in spite of all the odds.

In an autobiography based upon the style of P.G. Wodehouse, a successful banker lived a legendary life of world travel and charitable giving and wrote this ghostwritten memoir to honor all those who helped him along the way.

In a heartbreaking memoir, a woman is born with birth defects resulting from her father’s exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. The book serves as an exposé of a war crime whose effects are still being felt today, but is also an inspiring tale of personal triumph.

I always knew that I’ve had unique life experiences, which could be hard to capture because my journey has been a very long one. When I met Ruby here in NYC, I instantly sensed her talent as a writer, and she captured my journey and life experiences. Now, I am publishing a book with the most prestigious publisher: Knopf A. Alfred / Random House Kids. Thank you my friend, Ruby.

Ger Duany

actor, UNHCR goodwill ambassador, author: Walk Toward the Rising Sun, published by Knopf

Process and Fees

My technique with entrepreneur memoirs and business book authors involves thirty to forty hours of in-depth interviews over the course of a single month. After that, clients get to relax or return to their own work while I spend the next month designing a synopsis that creatively showcases your business insights alongside your fascinating journey to success. Once you approve the synopsis, I will spend the next three months writing. After five months, your 60,000-word manuscript will be complete, and then I’ll dedicate a full month to performing your editorial requests. At that point, I’ll advise you as to the type of publication process that suits your goals. The fee for a 60,000-word memoir written over the course of six months is $50,000, payable in six monthly increments. For a more in-depth look at the book ghostwriting process, please see the main page of this website. 

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