That’s What You Get for Eavesdropping

On my latest trip to Boston, I had a somewhat unusual experience. First, I was in a cafe where a woman was sitting with a bunch of her girlfriends chatting. I’d say she was in her sixties, which I mention because it makes the story more interesting. And she was talking about a vacation she went on recently.

“Oh my God! The views, you would not believe the views!”

“The green rolling hills, the flower gardens! It was so incredible! And the people were so nice! Oh my goodness, you would not believe how trusting, sweet, innocent, and nice these people were! Oh, and the gift shop, you wouldn’t believe it! Just the most wonderful things that you could ever buy!” Etcetera. I’m not really listening, just overhearing. And then she says, and “All that’s all aside from the rigorous sexual training! Incredible!”

Wait. What?

Suffice it to say my ears have officially perked up. But she didn’t continue explaining. Weirdly, one of her companions responded with, “Speaking of rigorous sexual training, have you heard about the latest sexual harassment scandal in the news?…” and proceeded to change the subject. At this point I was wondering: are her friends so used to this subject matter that they find it uninteresting? Or were they embarrassed into changing the subject? (This is New England, so probably) or did she explain these details in depth before I arrived on the scene? Inquiring minds want to know! Alas, I never did find out.

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