Brilliant Author is Thrilled with New, Confidential Biographer

I want to commend my client Larry Vaughn for getting out there and making sure his book gets into the public eye. Larry’s memoir, Business Cards and Shoe Leather, is all about how cooperation, not competition, brings out the best in every business. Larry walks the walk, too, as he is eager to bring everyone who helps him right along on his journey. I often work as a confidential biographer, but Larry has seen the benefit in acknowledging our work together. 


Larry Vaughn being interviewed on C-Suite TV

Ghostwriting client has great interview on C-Suite TV

In this clip on #C-suiteTV, Larry talks (among other things) about the process of working with me as a confidential biographer. He is also scheduled to give numerous radio interviews all over the US and Canada. I benefit from the fact that he has given me a “with” credit on his book cover, so I have worked as his publicist throughout this process. Working together has made publicizing his book a lot easier for both of us. In this case, I’m doing the leg work of tracking down radio and television stations that want to interview Larry, and all he has to do is show up. It’s great teamwork!

Advantages of Acknowledging a Confidential Biographer

Using the “two heads are better than one” philosophy, Larry has been able to piggyback on my own following, selling books to my fans, and I have done all I can to help gain organic media for his brilliant yet down-to-Earth book about being an adult dyslexic.

Take a look! @twbrill on @csuitetv!

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