Storytelling is at the Heart of any Business, Really

I’ve seen quite a few ads on social media by companies that strive to teach the principles of storytelling to men and women in business, to make their presentations and speeches more compelling. I find that quite funny just because I have to stop myself from constantly storytelling. I find it hard to believe that … Read more

I May Be Writing for Influencers and Thought Leaders, but I’m not Immune to False Starts

A photo of an iphone clipped to a ring light, used by an influencer creating content

I’ve been invited to a month-long symposium for artists working on issues having to do with pollution at a writer’s residency in Thailand called Studio88. It’ll be me and about 20 other artists and writers who think of themselves as influencers and thought leaders on any topic related to pollution. My interest in the topic … Read more

Alzheimers, ALS, and Parkinson’s: I’ve Seen the Best Minds of My Parents’ Generation… Starving Hysterical Naked

pen and ink sketch

I published a novel in 2017, which I had spent ten years writing. It began as just an exercise in creativity with no special agenda, but as I wrote Bits of String Too Small to Save, certain social issues became accidentally embedded in the plot. It was really just a story about a ten-year-old girl … Read more

A Dorland Mountain Arts Colony Success Story

all street art wall mural of a woman with an apple and arrow going through it

One of the great pleasures I have as a ghostwriter is helping people tell their entrepreneurial success stories. In fact, I met a unique entrepreneur right here at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, where I’m wintering out of Maine’s cold and ice. Taylor Gallegos is a muralist who has found quite a bit of success painting … Read more

Exploring Spiritual Concepts in Writing

The image of a spiritual Buddha statue juxtaposed to the right side of the image

Big Foot, Grief Journals, and other Spiritual Memoir Concepts: It’s always interesting to talk to indie authors, as a lot of them want to explore spiritual concepts in their writing. There are those who have had big revelations, visions, and things like that and want to share it, but it’s more common for me to … Read more

Hiring a Ghostwriter for Humorous and Engaging Novel Writing

a type writer writes out "Once Upon a Time..." to represent fiction writing and fiction novels

Typically, my ghostwriting services encompass nonfiction topics. I’ll write books for clients about business tips, family traumas, victories over adversities, escaping from (or joining) cults, true crime, scientific endeavors, and all sorts of other stuff. It all falls under the heading of “narrative nonfiction,” meaning true stories told in entertaining ways. But then there are … Read more

Ghostwriting books for passion doesn’t mean you’ll not make a profit

A 100 dollar bill is used as a bookmark within the pages of a book

I have potential ghostwriting clients approach me all the time about books they think will reap a big profit. I’m honest. In today’s world, books do not make a lot of money on their own, but they can make money in a peripheral way. You see, even if you write a New York Times best-seller, … Read more

Ghostwriters can Provide Editorial Help for Personal Growth Memoirs

A magnifying glass with a stack of papers, ready to be analyzed and edited

Not everyone who needs help writing a book wants the full Ruby Peru ghostwriting service. Many are determined to write their own books, and I’m happy to support those folks, too. A lot of people writing spiritual and personal growth memoirs fall under that heading. When it just has to be in your own voice, … Read more

Isolation Lends itself to Artistic Achievement in Memoir

A close up image of a video camera screen with the background subject blurred out

It’s been an interesting first few days at Dorland Mountain Colony. I like the term “colony.” It evokes an eclectic group of pioneers hunkering down in some secluded place to build something weird like a spaceship to Mars or a cult or something. But it’s really just a cluster of modular homes on the side … Read more

The Fascinating Challenge of Translating Scientific Jargon into Compelling Reads

A giraffe on an African safari being examined and observed by researchers within a jeep

I’ve always had great admiration for scientists. I’m definitely not one of those conspiracy theorists who think science is a scheme to steal everyone’s DNA and make invincible robots or something. Many of my clients are scientists of one kind or another, and I’m honored that these brilliant individuals chose me to help them translate … Read more