Ghostwriting for Creative Minds

Ghostwriting for Creative Minds

I’ve been hired as a ghostwriter by scientific minds, business minds, and creative minds as well. Everyone has some kind of story to tell. Scientists often need someone to help them communicate effectively. They’re kind of famous for not being particularly good with words, so this is a natural partnership for a ghostwriter. Businessmen and women also tend to need someone to help them organize and elucidate upon their unique business philosophies. It’s actually quite interesting how some people can be great at organizing efficient businesses but lousy at organizing thoughts into coherent paragraphs. But that’s where I come in. At the same time …

I find that creative minds also benefit from hiring ghostwriters. 

It’s not that creative minds can’t write or don’t have ideas—boy, do they! They need ghostwriters because the bugaboo of every creative mind is self-discipline. Starting writing is easy for creative minds, but finishing that brilliant novel, memoir, or genre classic is the part of the job that usually stymies creative minds and requires a ghostwriter. I’ve been called upon to ghostwrite everything from true crime to classic detective novels for creative minds that hail from all different walks of life including the Birmingham detective squad, movers and shakers in supply-chain businesses, and reformed criminals. I enjoy these jobs the most because I really understand creative minds, how they tick, and how I can help them as a ghostwriter who works hard to preserve the author’s unique voice. 

The biggest challenge, I think, in ghostwriting for creative minds, is agreeing on the book’s voice. 

Unlike my clients in business and science, I find creative people that want to hire a ghostwriter already have strong ideas about what they want the memoir, novel, or nonfiction book to read like. This means I sometimes have to talk them out of certain half-baked ideas. That’s okay, because once I explain why certain plot trajectories impede the story’s character arc or slow down the plot, they typically understand and enjoy the education they’re getting. So, ghostwriting for creative minds is education for the client, above all, and if I later learn that for her next novel, this client decided to go it alone, I feel my client learned a lot with me and I’ve done her a valuable service. After all, if my work as a ghostwriter makes even one creative mind more goal-driven and confident in her ability to complete the task herself, then I think I’ve done my job. 

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