A Memoirist’s Ultimate Question

As a memoir ghostwriter, the question clients probably ask me most often is, “Will anyone actually want to read about this subject matter?” My honest answer isn’t yes or no, because, let’s face it, there’s no way to read the minds of millions of potential readers. The best answer I, as a ghostwriter, can honestly give you is: the question is moot.

Readers just wanna have fun

The question is moot because readers are not looking for books about dogs or paragliding or dyslexia or being a soldier or remodeling a house or growing up poor or making your first million or whatever you plan to write your book about. Readers are looking for books that come from the heart and are true expressions of the author’s inner life (whether ghostwritten or not).

The thing to keep in mind is: readers can tell when your book is honest, well-written, and insightful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a comedic writer, an essayist, or a novelist, your work will be successful if readers see that your story is worthy.

Readers aren’t really looking for memoirs about anything in particular, they just want to be transported. Working with a ghostwriter helps in this regard, because even if you’re working with the hottest subject matter in publishing, you have to know how to present the information so readers can picture it in their heads.

Readers should understand your insights. The emotion of the story must come through. Achieving these goals isn’t about the subject matter of the book, it’s about the skill of the writing.

Ghostwriters make writing look easy

My job as a memoir ghostwriter is to make writing look easy, so, hopefully, when you see my work, you’ll think, “I can do that!” But after trying to write a memoir on your own, you might realize you’re more likely to succeed working with a ghostwriter.

Your insights, experience, and wisdom paired with my ability to bring those elements to life work wonders together. That’s why the question, “Will anyone want to read about this?” is moot. It’s our job as writers to make people interested in the subject matter, not to find readers who are already sold.

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