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It all starts when ElizabethAnn, who never intends to leave suburban No Oaks, finds her eccentric grandmother peeling around the corner in a jacked-up, pimped-out, original-orange International Scout, shouting that it’s time to break the space/time continuum. In Bits of String, spunky children, neurotic animals, and vengeful magicians confront imperfect technology and the gross exploitation of artistic license. With its stunning pen-and-ink illustrations, Bits of String is truly a work of art.

Ruby Peru’s freewheeling imagination enlivens her fantasy novel tremendously. Peru builds her narrative on an impressive array of colorful images, improbable characters, and a generous helping of charm.

John Berendt, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The City of Falling Angels

An irresistible debut novel with marvelous imagery, humor, and storytelling. Ruby Peru will seduce Young Adult and adult readers alike. A “must read!”

Sarah Lovett, Dangerous Attachments, Blowback

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