A Dorland Mountain Arts Colony Success Story

One of the great pleasures I have as a ghostwriter is helping people tell their entrepreneurial success stories. In fact, I met a unique entrepreneur right here at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, where I’m wintering out of Maine’s cold and ice. Taylor Gallegos is a muralist who has found quite a bit of success painting walls all over the country. He enjoys painting as big as possible, so blank walls are his specialty, but those could be in children’s bedrooms, sports stadiums, schools, restaurants, and all kinds of outdoor spaces. His clients are as widely varied as mine, which is something we definitely bonded over.

Another interesting thing about Taylor’s entrepreneurial success is that he has really mastered the art of remaining a pure artist and hiring others to manage his business. As someone who started her business somewhat by the seat of her pants, I found it interesting to talk to young Taylor who began his muralist career right out of art school with a strong business plan, resolving to stay out of nearly every aspect of the billing, lead generation, website building and other aspects of entrepreneurial success that typically become horror stories for struggling and overwhelmed artist entrepreneurs. So far, he has been very successful in this and enjoys teaching other artist entrepreneurs how to do the same. 

Taylor reaches his audience on his podcast called “Art and Life.” Meeting interesting art entrepreneurs like Taylor has been one of the best aspects of my month-long residency here at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. I have also met numerous fine artists working at a smaller scale, a couple of musicians, a fiber artist, and a burlesque dancer who told a hilarious story about stripping in a Loch Ness Monster costume. Truly, Dorland Mountain is turning out to be an inspiring place. I’ll miss it when I leave in a couple of weeks, but at that point I’ll be off to Thailand’s Studio 88, where I’m bound to meet an even more exotic species of entrepreneurs with their own success stories. Wish me luck! 

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