Entrepreneur Memoirs & Business Books

Successful entrepreneurs often contact me for help writing memoirs about their successful business practices. Perhaps you overcame nearly insurmountable odds to rise in the business world or succeeded due to an unusual formula or philosophy. You may even have built a business around some interesting scientific discovery or invention. In any case, you have an entrepreneur memoir or business book to write, and Ruby Peru is here for you. 

Entrepreneur memoirs and business books are a way to explore and explain any business-person’s personal journey while offering useful tips to those who aspire. Writing a book about your personal journey along the rocky road to success enables you to add your insights to the popular and ever-growing genre of business memoirs that entertain, inspire, and inform.

Planning on Sharing Your Business Story?

I am the very best at what I do for one simple reason: I’m the only ghostwriter working for the public who uses a humorous writing style to heighten and explore the events of your life.

Below are examples of the variety of entrepreneur memoirs and business books I’ve written:

A financial planner’s unique viewpoint on money management tailored to seven different “financial personality types.”

An African wildlife researcher who later used what he learned researching the elusive honey badger to rise to prominence in the business world.

A dyslexic businessman who rose to success despite a complete inability to read and write, then, in his fifties, finally overcame his handicap.

An ambitious man who grew up in disadvantaged circumstances but rose to career prominence by following his instincts.

A down-and-out homeless alcoholic who finally went into successful recovery after three trips to rehab. Using the only life experience he had, he founded one of America’s most successful rehab clinics for veterans.

A refugee who came to America in 1975, on the last helicopter out of Saigon, and built a business empire based upon both her strong work ethic and belief in traditional magic.

Writing this book with Ruby has enabled me to be honest about my lifelong struggle with dyslexia. Her research also taught me some of the benefits of dyslexia, so I learned a lot along the way. Most importantly, I’ve been told my book inspires others, and that means so much!

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Process and Fees

My technique with entrepreneur memoirs and business book authors involves thirty to forty hours of in-depth interviews over the course of a single month. After that, clients get to relax or return to their own work while I spend the next month designing a synopsis that creatively showcases your business insights alongside your fascinating journey to success. Once you approve the synopsis, I will spend the next three months writing. After five months, your 60,000-word manuscript will be complete, and then I’ll dedicate a full month to performing your editorial requests. At that point, I’ll advise you as to the type of publication process that suits your goals. The fee for a 60,000-word memoir written over the course of six months is $50,000, payable in six monthly increments. For a more in-depth look at the book ghostwriting process, please see the main page of this website. 

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling!

I’d love to hear the story you’re burning to tell. Send me a quick message and we’ll set up a time for a phone chat!