Write a memoir that’s un-put-down-able

If not now, when?

It’s 2020, and with society’s new paradigm, the time has come to write that memoir you’ve been thinking about. It’s an ambitious project for seasoned writers and amateurs alike. Some hire a ghostwriter, but you want to do it yourself. With professional guidance, you can do it.

Developmental Editing Helps Writers … FAST

Working with a developmental editor is the best thing writers can do to improve their work with alacrity. This is kind of like your own private graduate school. A seasoned, professional writer examines everything from story structure to sentence structure to your unique creative writing style. She can tell you how to make the most of your strengths and how to fix the parts of the story that are lagging.

If you currently share your work with an amateur writing group, you’ll soon see how much more helpful it is to work with a professional. Seldom do the members of a writer’s group know how to fix one another’s errors, but a professional like Ruby Peru can take one look at your work and pinpoint exactly what you can do to bring out your creative ideas.

As some wise but confused person once said, “It’s not rocket surgery!” Writing is definitely something you can learn. It’s a combination of your own creativity with a lot of technical know-how. After all, a musician doesn’t learn guitar chords from a group of amateur musician friends, she learns them from a teacher, then practices with her friends. As a writer, you also need a teacher who is well-versed in the skill and science of creative writing.

A Pro Helps you get Started

If you’re actively writing and want to make progress quickly, but don’t have much written yet, this is the plan for you. When you become a member of Ruby’s editorial service, you have access to a private, 20-minute Zoom session every week, where you can share your latest pages on the screen and get one-on-one help from Ruby as your memoir unfolds.

The fee for a membership is $50 per month. Developmental editors typically charge more than that for a single hour, but with this membership, you get one 20-minute session per week, for four consecutive weeks. That way Ruby can reinforce your good habits and prevent you from picking up bad ones, in real time, as you write your manuscript … not afterward. You’ll stay motivated, month after month, to keep working and improving.

A Pro Helps with an Existing Manuscript

If you already have a manuscript written and would prefer to have a pro writer comment in the margins of your page, then also discuss those comments via Zoom or telephone, that’s another way to do the intensive work of developmental editing, one-on-one. For this, Ruby charges $9 per 250 words. A private developmental editing session is a great way to get a full novel or memoir manuscript examined for its strengths as well as the areas that could be boosted. Ruby will be able to identify where suspense lags or where character development could improve and tell you just how to fix the problem. At the end of your developmental editing session, you’ll have a clear direction as to what to do to take your manuscript to a publishable level.

Publish Your Memoir (or Fiction) as a Serial

Ruby’s new endeavor Pangloss Press publishes great books, markets them to Amazon bestseller status, and helps writers build their followers and platforms so that they can profit from their memoirs, whether they’re ghostwritten or self-written. Contact Ruby to discuss publishing your memoir or other book for fun and profit!