How to Give Characters Exciting Depth

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The TV show Breaking Bad is a great example of a story where the idea of something called a super-objective comes into play. A super-objective is something you as the author know about your character, which the character may not even know about him/herself. It’s the character’s greatest wish in life. The aim of his … Read more

What Actually Inspires a Colorful Kirkus Review Like This One?

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I’m pleased as punch to publish this Kirkus Review of my Young Adult novel, Bits of String too Small to Save. The reviewer called it “impressively creative,” “wildly imaginative,” “occasionally haunting,” and declared it “anchored by strong, evolving female characters.” This book has a ton of characters, each weirder than the next, which makes it … Read more

Enjoy Biography Writing Victory, Scene by Scene

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If you’re writing a memoir, and you don’t “have time to write,” there’s always the audio-tape method. This biography writing trick is far more effective than most people think. Best of all, this method gives you permission to do two things: one, talk your book instead of write it and two, tell it out of … Read more

Getting up in Time for the Bright Sunrise?


When people find out I’m a writer, they often ask me (with a weird kind of light in their eyes) for my “routine.” I think people have a romantic notion that I’m up all night with a bottle of Jack, ranting and raving into the computer … scratch that, into an old-fashioned Olivetti typewriter, like … Read more