Exploring Spiritual Concepts in Writing

The image of a spiritual Buddha statue juxtaposed to the right side of the image

Big Foot, Grief Journals, and other Spiritual Memoir Concepts: It’s always interesting to talk to indie authors, as a lot of them want to explore spiritual concepts in their writing. There are those who have had big revelations, visions, and things like that and want to share it, but it’s more common for me to … Read more

Ghostwriting books for passion doesn’t mean you’ll not make a profit

A 100 dollar bill is used as a bookmark within the pages of a book

I have potential ghostwriting clients approach me all the time about books they think will reap a big profit. I’m honest. In today’s world, books do not make a lot of money on their own, but they can make money in a peripheral way. You see, even if you write a New York Times best-seller, … Read more

The Fascinating Challenge of Translating Scientific Jargon into Compelling Reads

A giraffe on an African safari being examined and observed by researchers within a jeep

I’ve always had great admiration for scientists. I’m definitely not one of those conspiracy theorists who think science is a scheme to steal everyone’s DNA and make invincible robots or something. Many of my clients are scientists of one kind or another, and I’m honored that these brilliant individuals chose me to help them translate … Read more

Ghostwriting for Creative Minds

Creative expression in the form of abstract art

Ghostwriting for Creative Minds I’ve been hired as a ghostwriter by scientific minds, business minds, and creative minds as well. Everyone has some kind of story to tell. Scientists often need someone to help them communicate effectively. They’re kind of famous for not being particularly good with words, so this is a natural partnership for … Read more

Every Scientific Discovery is Actually a Personal Journey

Science memoirs

For those of you following my odyssey between one writing residency and another this winter, I’m now at residency number one, Dorland Mountain Art Colony, in Temecula, CA. It’s a humble little place with a few little cabins set along a private mountain road. There are hiking trails here and there, and great views, but … Read more

A Weird Phenomenon I call “Ghostwriter’s Limbo”

Ghostwriter Limbo

The level of independence I experience as a writer is one of the interesting things about my job as a ghostwriter. After all, my job is to make writing a book easy for my clients, which means they don’t have to do much. The initial interview period is where clients are deeply involved in telling … Read more

Book Cover Design—scams are everywhere

Book Cover

Ever since self-publishing became a thing, there have been a million adjacent industries for self-published authors, such as book marketers, self publishers, and book cover designers. A lot of them are legit, and a lot of them are, frankly, scams. Along the way, someone figured out that would-be authors are thirsty for fame … and … Read more

Just Sing the Blues and Face Facts: a screed against“self empowerment”

self empowerment

There’s a thing going on in music right now, where women are all about self-empowerment songs: Survivor, Part of Me, Stronger, Fighter, Good as Hell, Confident, Fight Song, Woman like Me. The list goes on. It’s awesome but it’s weird because something’s missing. I was sitting with a singer friend of mine who is going … Read more

On how ghostwriting is like dancing, but dancing is so different from what you think

Partner Dancing

Men tell me things they don’t tell anyone else. I mean, it’s my job to listen to people tell the stories of their lives. And a lot of those people are men, and sometimes they say wildly sexist things, but it’s because these are their true beliefs. It’s not my job to enlighten them, and … Read more

AI Will Not Replace Me

AI Robot

In a conversation, recently, a friend suggested that Chat GPT was going to replace me pretty soon. I had to laugh. There are some very good reasons why a robot can’t replace me, and I think this is important to talk about for the sake of writers and creative people everywhere. People seem to think … Read more