Everyone Wants a Piece of the Best-Selling Honey Badger

honey badger eating a snake

Once upon a time, a client urged me to write her memoir so as to give this impression: “I’m like that honey badger!” When I asked what in the world that meant, she replied, “I’m a badass and I really don’t give a shit!” I had no idea what she was talking about, so she … Read moreEveryone Wants a Piece of the Best-Selling Honey Badger

Brilliant Author is Thrilled with New, Confidential Biographer

I want to commend my client Larry Vaughn for getting out there and making sure his book gets into the public eye. Larry’s memoir, Business Cards and Shoe Leather, is all about how cooperation, not competition, brings out the best in every business. Larry walks the walk, too, as he is eager to bring everyone … Read moreBrilliant Author is Thrilled with New, Confidential Biographer

My Destiny: Ghostwriting for Disorganized People

It has recently come to my attention that some would-be authors out there need a ghostwriter because they’re disorganized. You might have a great writing style and engaging ideas, but writing a full-length book is a daunting task. Don’t despair! Science now says disorganized people are more creative! So, let’s talk about how ghostwriting for … Read moreMy Destiny: Ghostwriting for Disorganized People

Getting to the Heart of your Powerful Life Story

powerful life story

It’s great when ghostwriting clients can find memoir themes that reach beyond their own lives and have something to say to the community at large. This is where you get to ask: What has my life been about? What have I learned? It all starts with finding a great memoir theme. Finding memoir themes is … Read moreGetting to the Heart of your Powerful Life Story

Behind the Scenes with Successful Dyslexics

successful dyslexic student writing

A healthy percentage of the ghostwriting clients I’ve had have been successful dyslexics. These are some of my favorite clients to work with. They tend to have fascinating ideas, interesting life stories, and a lot of compassion in their hearts. Adult illiteracy is common among successful dyslexics To become financially secure as an illiterate adult … Read moreBehind the Scenes with Successful Dyslexics

What a Timeline Means to your Memoir

Today, I’d like to talk to memoir ghostwriting clients about something I use in the process of writing your memoir: a timeline. The timeline is a research document, and in it, I simply catalogue all the life events you’ve told me about. I put these events into a grid, in order, listed by year. Timelines … Read moreWhat a Timeline Means to your Memoir

Write a Book to Make a Career Transition

Clients want to get a book ghostwritten for many reasons, not the least of which is to make a career transition. It’s well known that a book with you listed as the author helps establish your credentials in your field. With such a book, you can become more successful doing what you do, but not … Read moreWrite a Book to Make a Career Transition

Hiring a Developmental Editor Versus a Ghostwriter

Periodically, memoir writing clients who want strong editorial support contact me. They’re not sure if they need ghostwriting services or if they can write the book themselves. They may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter who also works as a developmental editor. The main thing is: they’d like to try writing a book. If they … Read moreHiring a Developmental Editor Versus a Ghostwriter

Historical Political Memoir Highlights Setting

My favorite memoir style to ghostwrite lately has been historical political memoir. These memoirs are a very popular type of text for teachers to use, these days, in teaching world history (Remember Diary of Anne Frank?) especially because they aren’t dry and informational.

Historical Political Memoirs Illustrate the Importance of Setting

Memoirs are packed with real-life conflicts and show how political conflict affects ordinary people. Historical political memoirs illustrate the importance of setting (time and place) in every book.

Every memoir has some type of setting, starting with family. First, individuals stand against the backdrop of their families and the family culture, with its expectations and habits. Then, that family stands against a larger cultural setting.

When we set a memoir, we could be talking about, in the case of some of the books I’ve written, 1950s high school America, 1970s rural Alabama, Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the 1980s, or a backpacker’s hostel in India. Most American readers can conjure up some basic picture of such settings to form a basis for their understanding of the book. These are historical periods, but not necessarily highly political settings.

Writing About Political History is Complex

In a historical political memoir, the book’s background might be civil-war-era Cameroon or the time of the formation of the Soviet Union in Moldova. In these cases, most readers are starting at zero.

That means that, as a ghostwriter penning a historical political memoir, I have to not only give the family background, but also information about the region’s culture before the war, then during the war, and how the war or political action changed people and their expectations.

Read moreHistorical Political Memoir Highlights Setting

Do The Research!

book and magnifying glass

Whether I’m ghostwriting your memoir or you are writing a memoir yourself, it’s important to have a pretty comprehensive understanding of the events on the periphery of your life. Some memoir ghostwriting clients will talk about aspects of the world they didn’t understand at the time and simply conclude: I still don’t really get it! … Read moreDo The Research!

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