Speaking of Not Speaking

man sitting in fetal position

When you think someone’s not speaking to you, but then you realize he was “speaking to you” but he wasn’t actually speaking to you for a lack of things to say, then you wonder about all the things we do to ourselves inside our heads. You thought him not speaking to you was a significant … Read more

Chamomile Lawn

chamomile flowers

The fact that nobody else in Maine has a chamomile lawn ought probably to be a deterrent from me attempting this landscaping idea, but when has such logic ever stopped me before? Mainers aren’t known for being innovative thinkers. Let’s be honest. They’re known for being folksy, which isn’t the same thing. I may end … Read more

At The Circle K

street scene

I eat my breakfast at the Circle K. It’s a two-block walk at 6:30 am, when I tend to want coffee. The gourmet pastry shop across the street closed down months ago. The sandwich shop by the U-haul dealership is shuttered and up for rent. Walgreens is there. I could buy a bag of coffee … Read more

Bits of String too Small to Save

Buy now: Amazon Buy now: Indiebound In Bits of String too Small to Save, intelligence battles intuition, animals ponder the troubles of humanity, and you, dear reader, must ask yourself, will magic avenge our heroine? Will technology save her? Or has ElizabethAnn simply arrived too late to save beautiful, mysterious Bumblegreen? Prim, persnickety ElizabethAnn, her … Read more

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids


“Someone touched my toe.” I said it out loud, in the middle of the night, alone. I had just been awakened, and I could still feel the tingling of tiny claws making impact with my left big toe. Then, the creature jumped up on the windowsill, and I saw it silhouetted, splayed out, trying to … Read more

Funny Flash Memoir is Found in the Best Dating Profiles

a loving couple representing an opportunity to write flash memoir

“If you’re a doe-eyed, raven-haired beauty with ninja skills, who speaks five languages and saves the world in her spare time, you should probably move on, but if you’re an accountant who wouldn’t mind taking care of a couple bookkeeping issues when I fall behind, I’d cherish you like a queen.” So begins the online … Read more