Everyone Wants a Piece of the Best-Selling Honey Badger

honey badger eating a snake

Once upon a time, a client urged me to write her memoir so as to give this impression: “I’m like that honey badger!” When I asked what in the world that meant, she replied, “I’m a badass and I really don’t give a shit!” I had no idea what she was talking about, so she … Read moreEveryone Wants a Piece of the Best-Selling Honey Badger

How to Write Dry Humor from the Heart

For writers and readers who have peeked at my memoir ghostwriting page, you know that I make the bold claim that I can write “funny.” So, I guess it’s time I talk about how humor works in writing, specifically dry humor. Humor is, of course, different in the minds of different people. Some folks love … Read moreHow to Write Dry Humor from the Heart

Bits of String too Small to Save

Buy now: Amazon Buy now: Indiebound In Bits of String too Small to Save, intelligence battles intuition, animals ponder the troubles of humanity, and you, dear reader, must ask yourself, will magic avenge our heroine? Will technology save her? Or has ElizabethAnn simply arrived too late to save beautiful, mysterious Bumblegreen? Prim, persnickety ElizabethAnn, her … Read moreBits of String too Small to Save

Funny Flash Memoir is Found in the Best Dating Profiles

a loving couple representing an opportunity to write flash memoir

“If you’re a doe-eyed, raven-haired beauty with ninja skills, who speaks five languages and saves the world in her spare time, you should probably move on, but if you’re an accountant who wouldn’t mind taking care of a couple bookkeeping issues when I fall behind, I’d cherish you like a queen.” So begins the online … Read moreFunny Flash Memoir is Found in the Best Dating Profiles

Save a Soul Today

tom waits in concert

Sometimes, when you look at the news, or just contemplate the state of world affairs–wars, pollution, economic stagnation, murder, suicide bombings . . . It’s easy to think there just isn’t any hope for us all It’s easy to get angry, but don’t forget: the world has always been full of terrible stuff. And, for those of us who survive it, it’s fodder for our art.

As a memoir ghostwriter, I help people come to terms with their world by writing about it. But you can, of course, also come to terms with it through song, visual art, fiction, or any other art form. Self expression is a human need and reading or looking at other peoples’ self expression is a great source of pleasure, even if (or especially if) they are expressing anger or sadness. I have ghostwritten memoirs, fictional stories, and even scientific books, but for all these clients, the book was an expression of a heartfelt need to come to terms with the world, and, in a way, control one little corner of it.

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