Storytelling is at the Heart of any Business, Really

I’ve seen quite a few ads on social media by companies that strive to teach the principles of storytelling to men and women in business, to make their presentations and speeches more compelling. I find that quite funny just because I have to stop myself from constantly storytelling. I find it hard to believe that … Read more

Isolation Lends itself to Artistic Achievement in Memoir

A close up image of a video camera screen with the background subject blurred out

It’s been an interesting first few days at Dorland Mountain Colony. I like the term “colony.” It evokes an eclectic group of pioneers hunkering down in some secluded place to build something weird like a spaceship to Mars or a cult or something. But it’s really just a cluster of modular homes on the side … Read more

The Fascinating Challenge of Translating Scientific Jargon into Compelling Reads

A giraffe on an African safari being examined and observed by researchers within a jeep

I’ve always had great admiration for scientists. I’m definitely not one of those conspiracy theorists who think science is a scheme to steal everyone’s DNA and make invincible robots or something. Many of my clients are scientists of one kind or another, and I’m honored that these brilliant individuals chose me to help them translate … Read more

A Feminist Screed Against The Barbie Movie


It’s Christmas Eve, today, and happy holidays to everyone, but I have nothing special to say about it. The only Christmassy thing about this blog is the fact that I was on an airplane going cross country to see relatives for the holidays when the event in question occurred. The event in question is: due … Read more

The most amazing fiction podcast: Old Gods of Appalachia


I want to turn everyone on to my latest crush: a fiction podcast called Old Gods of Appalachia. This is such an incredibly entertaining podcast that it has changed my life forever. Okay, I don’t know about my entire life, but my fiction-enjoying life, anyway.The most surprising thing is that this story is, technically, “horror.” … Read more

Where do I Find an Excellent Proofreader? And Do I Need One?


I once had a client ask me if I knew any “really good proofreaders.” I was rather offended by the question, since it was my own work that he wanted proofread. Now, once I got over that, I admitted that sure, I’m not perfect. MS Word does correct most spelling errors quite handily, but there … Read more

Why Vacations are Actually More Stressful than Real Life

Travel vacation

It’s crazy how hard it is to change channels. Going on vacation, for instance. It’s supposed to be relaxing but it’s stressful before it’s relaxing. If you attached electrodes to your body to create a stress chart of a vacation, it would start at normal high stress, then increase to impossibly heart-attack high, then reduce … Read more

On how ghostwriting is like dancing, but dancing is so different from what you think

Partner Dancing

Men tell me things they don’t tell anyone else. I mean, it’s my job to listen to people tell the stories of their lives. And a lot of those people are men, and sometimes they say wildly sexist things, but it’s because these are their true beliefs. It’s not my job to enlighten them, and … Read more

screed-writing two-point-oh

Handwritten email

You have something to say, dammit! Now, if what you have to say is in the nature of something directed at one particular person, or if it’s something really intimate about your own thoughts, viewpoints, not the kind of thing you want to share with the masses, don’t hesitate to write it down. If you … Read more