Three Easy Pieces

number three

Over the last little while, I’ve been passively writing. You know what I mean–I’m composing these things, they’re kind of like philosophical essays, in my head, but I don’t write them down because I’m in the fiction/nonfiction business. I’m not Alan Watts, for God’s sakes. Where would I publish such thoughts? And who would care … Read more

Ayahuasca: what happens doesn’t matter

hands covering eyes

This is blog two in a series of Ayahuasca blogs. I’m not going to walk you through every wacky adventure that happened during the experience, or even one. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. What’s interesting about this is is not the experience but the results, which you become aware of afterward as the DMT gradually leaves … Read more

Ayahuasca: I Was a Brain in a Jar

I was originally going to call this I took Ayahuasca and I Pissed Myself but that would only be pandering to readers who want silly, dramatic headlines. This isn’t something I want to be silly and dramatic about (even though that above part is true). And the “purging” aspect of Ayahuasca that caused this phenomenon … Read more

Speaking of Not Speaking

man sitting in fetal position

When you think someone’s not speaking to you, but then you realize he was “speaking to you” but he wasn’t actually speaking to you for a lack of things to say, then you wonder about all the things we do to ourselves inside our heads. You thought him not speaking to you was a significant … Read more

Chamomile Lawn

chamomile flowers

The fact that nobody else in Maine has a chamomile lawn ought probably to be a deterrent from me attempting this landscaping idea, but when has such logic ever stopped me before? Mainers aren’t known for being innovative thinkers. Let’s be honest. They’re known for being folksy, which isn’t the same thing. I may end … Read more

At The Circle K

street scene

I eat my breakfast at the Circle K. It’s a two-block walk at 6:30 am, when I tend to want coffee. The gourmet pastry shop across the street closed down months ago. The sandwich shop by the U-haul dealership is shuttered and up for rent. Walgreens is there. I could buy a bag of coffee … Read more