Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money

Book Cover: Money isn't Everything, Everything is Money. A personalized approach to valuing and trading time, energy, relationships, and money. Tom Shepard with Ruby Peru.

Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money takes readers through the Seven Financial Natures, illustrating that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to personal finance. Here, you will discover that there is more than one type of currency, which you trade every day, impacting your health, happiness and wealth. Filled with practical tips, this book will empower you to apply these principles immediately, both at home and business.

Hands down, this book is different from conventional books on finance, which often take the approach that there is one way to achieve success: “Deny thyself. Be disciplined. Make sacrifices now and all will be fine in the future.” Instead, this book will allow you to tailor your approach to you.