Finally! The Dramatized Audiobook for Bits of String Too Small to Save is Well Underway.

This listing contains a link to a free audiobook sample!

Book Cover for Bits of String Too Small to Save.

The cult classic Bits of String Too Small to Save is just too full of fun dialogue, wacky adventure, talking animals, and crazy characters to stay on the page. A collective of actors and sound engineers is now bringing Bits of String to life in the form of a dramatized audiobook the likes of which you’ve never heard. Think new-fashioned radio drama with Hollywood theme music and so many interesting voices you’ll love to hear your favorite characters return with each chapter.

This riveting audio drama features celebrated actress Jane Park Smith as narrator, with Ruby Peru and others as character actors. Our brilliant sound engineer is Orlando Mendez Garduño. Best yet, it introduces talented ten-year-old Natanya Manson as the voices of ElizabethAnn and Queen Dahlia and as a musical guest. Listen to the first few chapters by clicking the link below. But watch out … you’ll get hooked!