Business Cards and Shoe Leather

Book cover for Larry Vaughn's Business Cards & Shoe Leather

Business Cards and Shoe Leather is available in print, ebook, and audio, wherever you buy books. Larry Vaughn inspires with his story of becoming a successful businessman despite being functionally illiterate. Larry grew up in the 1960’s, before dyslexia was widely understood. He achieved by building relationships and working hard: qualities in keeping with his small town values. Finally, in his fifties, after a public humiliation borne of trying to hide his illiteracy, Larry taught himself to read. Shoe Leather speaks of his discovery that the dyslexic mindset actually has a lot of advantages, like the “big picture” thinking that helped Larry succeed in the cutting-edge world of digital print.

Larry Vaughn helped found two premier, international business cooperatives: DSCOOP and thINK. He built his career in the commercial print business on the principle that business thrives on cooperation, not competition, and instills that mindset in his many young mentees.