Broken Contract

Marty Kraidin’s life story reads as an epic romance. He meets his true love, Lynn, in 1954. They marry quite young, but autocratic fathers, society-obsessed mothers, and differing Jewish traditions come between them. Despite Lynn’s pregnancy, her father forces a divorce and drives Marty away, so Marty and Lynn both marry others. For eighteen years, they endure loveless marriages. But when their son Stephen comes of age, he contacts his father for the first time. Thus begins the passionate reunion that restores the family this meant-to-be couple should have had all along. Marty and Lynn marry each other again, but this time, cancer threatens to tear them apart. A safari to Africa to celebrate Marty’s recovery ends terribly when Lynn contracts a sudden, rare form of malaria and dies in her lover’s arms. This true-life romance is available wherever you buy books!

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