Bits of String too Small to Save

Bookcover: black and white illustrated cover of book: Bits of String too Small to Save

Bits of String too Small to Save is a novel by me, Ruby Peru. This dark fantasy hits you at first like Lemony Snicket for adults, then morphs into a multi-faceted race for redemption. Bits reveals a dystopian universe where animals turn into people, mothers are allergic to babies, and monkeys run everything. It was written as an illustrated book for adults, but smart kids age 11 to 14 seem to love it most. If you’ve ever felt like you wanted everything but didn’t know anything, the world of Bits of String Too Small to Save will feel like home.

With its beautifully drawn cover and pen-and-ink illustrations by artist Phillip Harris, this novel reminds one of the enchanting, illustrated storybooks of old, like 1001 Arabian Nights or Alice in Wonderland. An intriguing gift for any indie book lover, find Bits of String on Amazon or Indiebound.