‘Bama Blues

The two authors of ‘Bama Blues, brothers, are currently consulting with an attorney to determine how to publish this book without implicating anyone other than themselves in numerous crimes.Two Alabama brothers endure their father’s untimely death. Grief drives them off the family farm and into the streets, where they use drugs, then deal them, then manufacture methamphetamine for great profit. When local police close in on their crime ring, the brothers switch lives. The crime mastermind becomes a multi-millionaire while the small-time dealer serves eleven years in prison. Decades later, they return to their rural, cotton-growing town. Trying to restore the family, farm, and community, they realize this place and its people have been forever altered by their youthful actions.

book cover for 'Bama Blues, a shocking look inside the advent of meth in america" showing a threatening-looking, shirtless, tattooed man with a punching fist