Book Cover: Money isn't Everything, Everything is Money. A personalized approach to valuing and trading time, energy, relationships, and money. Tom Shepard with Ruby Peru.

Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money

Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money takes readers through the Seven Financial Natures, illustrating that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to personal finance. Here, you will discover that there is more than one type of currency, which you trade every day, impacting your health, happiness and wealth. Filled with practical tips, this book will empower … Read more

Book cover: I'm Not That Smart But I Know How to Make Money or What I Learned from the Honey Badger. how studying one of Africa's most intrepid creatures brought one businessman unprecedented success. John Ruggieri with Ruby Peru.

I’m not that Smart but I Know How to Make Money

In I’m not that Smart but I Know How to Make Money, the author describes his strategic rise to success despite being a bad student from humble beginnings. After making millions by age forty, he retired from business, bought a ranch in Kenya, and fulfilled his lifelong fantasy of becoming an African wildlife researcher. There, the … Read more

Finally! The Dramatized Audiobook for Bits of String Too Small to Save is Well Underway.

This listing contains a link to a free audiobook sample! The cult classic Bits of String Too Small to Save is just too full of fun dialogue, wacky adventure, talking animals, and crazy characters to stay on the page. A collective of actors and sound engineers is now bringing Bits of String to life in … Read more

book cover with sexy armed lady detective

Untamed Justice

Coming soon to a bookstore near you! To the Birmingham police, Dianna is just another murdered prostitute, but for aspiring detective Jackie Jackson, solving the cold case of her best friend’s murder becomes a lifetime obsession. Working her way up the chain of command to homicide, Jackie contends with the tragedy of her father’s death … Read more

Book cover for Larry Vaughn's Business Cards & Shoe Leather

Business Cards and Shoe Leather

Business Cards and Shoe Leather is available in print, ebook, and audio, wherever you buy books. Larry Vaughn inspires with his story of becoming a successful businessman despite being functionally illiterate. Larry grew up in the 1960’s, before dyslexia was widely understood. He achieved by building relationships and working hard: qualities in keeping with his … Read more

Bookcover: black and white illustrated cover of book: Bits of String too Small to Save

Bits of String too Small to Save

Bits of String too Small to Save is a novel by me, Ruby Peru. This dark fantasy hits you at first like Lemony Snicket for adults, then morphs into a multi-faceted race for redemption. Bits reveals a dystopian universe where animals turn into people, mothers are allergic to babies, and monkeys run everything. It was … Read more

Broken Contract

Marty Kraidin’s life story reads as an epic romance. He meets his true love, Lynn, in 1954. They marry quite young, but autocratic fathers, society-obsessed mothers, and differing Jewish traditions come between them. Despite Lynn’s pregnancy, her father forces a divorce and drives Marty away, so Marty and Lynn both marry others. For eighteen years, … Read more

Become a Mogul

In Become a Mogul, Charles Major describes his rise to fame and fortune from rock bottom. This memoir is also a self-help book for the urban entrepreneur. Charles helps readers understand how to define success, attain it, and keep it for good. The book also teaches readers how to build an empire without losing sight … Read more

Just Call Me Coach

For years, Ron Standard dedicated his life to being a volunteer coach for high school baseball. In fact, he drove a bread truck in the early mornings in order to be there for the kids after school. In his role as coach, he devised a foolproof, statistics-based system that enabled the team to thrive. His … Read more

God’s Little Brother

God’s Little Brother is the memoir of a White Sikh. After dedicating thirty years to Yogi Bhajan, the author leaves this American, spiritual community in an attempt to find true Sikhism in India. This book describes the personality cult around Bhajan, his inspiring form of yoga, and the leader’s alleged fraudulent practices. Following Bhajan’s death … Read more

Coaching Visionaries

Coaching Visionaries tells the fascinating life story of its author. She began her professional life coaching women’s basketball but went on to become a neuroscience Ph.D. Today, she utilizes her skills as a coach to help ambitious students. Using her foolproof system, teens utilize the latest brain-training methodologies to ace placement tests. This concise book … Read more

Burning Bright

The eldest daughter of a poverty stricken family, Su Min takes the risk of working for Americans during the Vietnam war. When the war ends quite suddenly and the Americans evacuate, she faces persecution and possible execution by the reigning communist party. A last minute opportunity to evacuate her whole family from the roof of … Read more

book cover featuring tattoeed man

‘Bama Blues

The two authors of ‘Bama Blues, brothers, are currently consulting with an attorney to determine how to publish this book without implicating anyone other than themselves in numerous crimes.Two Alabama brothers endure their father’s untimely death. Grief drives them off the family farm and into the streets, where they use drugs, then deal them, then … Read more

book cover for "wink and a smile, true stories of online dating" by Lena White

Wink and a Smile

Linda White will make you laugh out loud with her true adventures in online dating. Never shy, she dives right into the most unlikely of scenarios, always hoping to find love. Linda’s openness to all physical types and lifestyles leads her into uncharted territory but never fails to produce a great story to tell her … Read more