Book Cover: Money isn't Everything, Everything is Money. A personalized approach to valuing and trading time, energy, relationships, and money. Tom Shepard with Ruby Peru.

Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money

Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money takes readers through the Seven Financial Natures, illustrating that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to personal finance. Here, you will discover that there is more than one type of currency, which you trade every day, impacting your health, happiness and wealth. Filled with practical tips, this book will empower … Read more

book cover with sexy armed lady detective

Untamed Justice

Coming soon to a bookstore near you! To the Birmingham police, Dianna is just another murdered prostitute, but for aspiring detective Jackie Jackson, solving the cold case of her best friend’s murder becomes a lifetime obsession. Working her way up the chain of command to homicide, Jackie contends with the tragedy of her father’s death … Read more

Book cover for Larry Vaughn's Business Cards & Shoe Leather

Business Cards and Shoe Leather

Business Cards and Shoe Leather is available in print, ebook, and audio, wherever you buy books. Larry Vaughn inspires with his story of becoming a successful businessman despite being functionally illiterate. Larry grew up in the 1960’s, before dyslexia was widely understood. He achieved by building relationships and working hard: qualities in keeping with his … Read more

Bookcover: black and white illustrated cover of book: Bits of String too Small to Save

Bits of String too Small to Save

Bits of String too Small to Save is a novel by me, Ruby Peru. This dark fantasy hits you at first like Lemony Snicket for adults, then morphs into a multi-faceted race for redemption. Bits reveals a dystopian universe where animals turn into people, mothers are allergic to babies, and monkeys run everything. It was … Read more