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You have something to tell the world. You’ve built something, overcome something, realized something, survived something, discovered or invented something. Your life has been so unusual that people keep saying you should write a book. You probably went ahead and tried, too, but quickly discovered that living life is one thing … Writing a book about it, though? That’s quite another. 

Just writing a compelling, informative page with suspense, drama, scene-setting, and an accurate sense of your own voice is difficult enough, but organizing all the information from the many years relevant to your story is an even bigger challenge. You need a professional writer, but not the kind that scribbles out magazine articles or web pages in an afternoon. What you need is a big-picture writer who can listen to years’ worth of information, transcribe it, organize it, digest it, ruminate on it, understand the philosophical implications of it, and design the best possible way to tell the story to the right audience in the right way. Sound about right? This is what an experienced book ghostwriter like Ruby Peru does.

Who Gets Credit for a Ghostwritten Book?

The “ghost” part of the ghostwriter job title indicates that you can take complete credit for the book if you want to. It will be about your life and work, after all. You can think of Ruby as a creative technician who helps you put your story on paper, then fades into the background. But you also have the option of including Ruby’s name on your book as a co-author, which has certain benefits. Either way, all decisions about the book’s publication and official authorship are entirely up to you.

I am the very best at what I do for one simple reason: I’m the only ghostwriter working for the public who uses a humorous writing style to heighten and explore the events of your life.

What is Creative Nonfiction?

Generally speaking, book ghostwriters write everything from corporate HR manuals to New York Times bestsellers, so when you hire one, you should make sure she is the right type of specialist for you. Ruby Peru specializes in creative nonfiction. That means she can make your life story come alive as if it were a novel or a memoir by one of the greats. Your true story will read with all the suspense, character development, personal growth, historical accuracy, psychological drama, and mystery of any bestseller you would find on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

The Book Ghostwriting Process

Ruby Peru has written books for entrepreneurs, professional speakers, spiritual seekers, scientists of many stripes, professionals in banking and finance, and individuals who simply wanted to document their extraordinary lives. In every case, the book-writing process is a six-month experience, where clients only need to set aside the first month for thirty to forty hours of recorded online interviews. After that, they can go about their everyday lives while Ruby Peru used the second month of the project to compile and organize the information until she has a compelling book synopsis to present to you. Once approved, that synopsis will be turned into a 60,000-word book over the course of the next three months. Ruby follows this with an opportunity for you, the client, to make any and all edits you wish, over the course of the final month. All in all, the book-ghostwriting process takes six months. At the end, you’ll have a polished manuscript suitable for publication by any publisher or through the self-publishing process.

Book Ghostwriting Fee and Publishing Process

Ruby Peru’s flat fee for a 60,000-word book written in six months is $50,000. Of course, books can be longer or shorter than this ideal length, so if clients desire a different length, the price and time frame will be pro-rated accordingly. 

Ruby Peru specializes in writing creative, compelling manuscripts for her clients. She is not, however, a publisher. Publishing is a secondary field that, in and of itself, involves a lot of choices, its own creative process, its own expenses, and numerous technicians and artists. Ruby advises her clients as to how to easily navigate the publishing process and guides her clients toward the companies and individuals ideal for their particular publishing goals. For more details about my process, please see the main page of this website.

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Ruby, you listened, really listened, and told my story back to me in a way that was insightful but also really entertaining. Sometimes I laughed and cried on the same page. Having you tell my story as an epic romance, which it really was, made me feel like everything I have been through was for a reason.

Martin Kraidin

Broken Contract: A Love Story

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