Bits of String too Small to Save

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In Bits of String too Small to Save, intelligence battles intuition, animals ponder the troubles of humanity, and you, dear reader, must ask yourself, will magic avenge our heroine? Will technology save her? Or has ElizabethAnn simply arrived too late to save beautiful, mysterious Bumblegreen?

Prim, persnickety ElizabethAnn, her race-car driving grandma, and their happily brainless dog Jackson, escape from the futuristic police state of No Oaks, cross the space/time continuum, and fall up into a wooded dystopia called Bumblegreen. There, ElizabethAnn must find a home for all of them while grappling with the colliding forces of magic and technology. In the process, she overcomes an aversion to smelly, unpleasant things and summons the courage to stand up against millions of evil butterflies.

In the beautiful but troubled land of Bumblegreen, mothers are allergic to their own children, so monkeys have been scientifically altered to raise human children. Understandably, everyone wants to escape through secret portals to other worlds, but these were permanently closed when they caused a horrible blight, which was even worse than the baby allergy. Oh, and now, a new disease is sweeping the land, which turns innocent, happy animals into confused, neurotic people.

Only Grandma knows how to save Bumblegreen from this never-ending series of ecological and social nightmares, but she must remain in hiding or else laws decree she will be executed by being dropped into a pool of carnivorous fish, stinging nettles in bloom, swimming hungry sharks, or whatever. 

Will young ElizabethAnn manage to find the hundred-year-old, blind magician who can save Bumblegreen? Or will teenaged Queen Dahlia be forced by the powerful monkey tribunal to subject Grandma, ElizabethAnn, and even Jackson to dramatic, public executions?

Bits of String too Small to Save, with beautiful artwork by Philip Harris, is available at all the typical online booksellers, and can also be ordered through your local independent book store. Or go to the “new releases” menu item on this website, and click the buy it button!

If you love unique books and uniqueness in general: Amazon’s online system is an amazing boon to authors and readers, but you can also support your local economy, promote jobs in the community, and even make friends by ordering Bits of String Too Small to Save from the storefront or website of an independent book store near you.

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