Ghostwriting for Creative Minds

Creative expression in the form of abstract art

Ghostwriting for Creative Minds I’ve been hired as a ghostwriter by scientific minds, business minds, and creative minds as well. Everyone has some kind of story to tell. Scientists often need someone to help them communicate effectively. They’re kind of famous for not being particularly good with words, so this is a natural partnership for … Read more

Every Scientific Discovery is Actually a Personal Journey

Science memoirs

For those of you following my odyssey between one writing residency and another this winter, I’m now at residency number one, Dorland Mountain Art Colony, in Temecula, CA. It’s a humble little place with a few little cabins set along a private mountain road. There are hiking trails here and there, and great views, but … Read more

A Feminist Screed Against The Barbie Movie


It’s Christmas Eve, today, and happy holidays to everyone, but I have nothing special to say about it. The only Christmassy thing about this blog is the fact that I was on an airplane going cross country to see relatives for the holidays when the event in question occurred. The event in question is: due … Read more

Writer’s Retreats, Feral Cats, and a New Kind of Adventure

Writer's Retreats

Now, I don’t know what your typical Mainer does… yes, I do. Your typical Mainer who is sick of winter goes to Florida. It’s the law. You want to get out of this arctic wasteland, that’s where you go. Stick a fork in you–you are in Florida and you are done. But me, I have … Read more

A Weird Phenomenon I call “Ghostwriter’s Limbo”

Ghostwriter Limbo

The level of independence I experience as a writer is one of the interesting things about my job as a ghostwriter. After all, my job is to make writing a book easy for my clients, which means they don’t have to do much. The initial interview period is where clients are deeply involved in telling … Read more

The most amazing fiction podcast: Old Gods of Appalachia


I want to turn everyone on to my latest crush: a fiction podcast called Old Gods of Appalachia. This is such an incredibly entertaining podcast that it has changed my life forever. Okay, I don’t know about my entire life, but my fiction-enjoying life, anyway.The most surprising thing is that this story is, technically, “horror.” … Read more

Entrepreneur Books—What’s your Unique Sales Proposition?

Entrepreneur Books

The vast majority of books I’ve ghostwritten have been for entrepreneurs. Many have built successful businesses from scratch and genuinely have the desire to help others do the same. Others want to use their expertise to make a career move into becoming a professional speaker, where, again, they’ll teach others their techniques. Some already run … Read more

Book Cover Design—scams are everywhere

Book Cover

Ever since self-publishing became a thing, there have been a million adjacent industries for self-published authors, such as book marketers, self publishers, and book cover designers. A lot of them are legit, and a lot of them are, frankly, scams. Along the way, someone figured out that would-be authors are thirsty for fame … and … Read more

Where do I Find an Excellent Proofreader? And Do I Need One?


I once had a client ask me if I knew any “really good proofreaders.” I was rather offended by the question, since it was my own work that he wanted proofread. Now, once I got over that, I admitted that sure, I’m not perfect. MS Word does correct most spelling errors quite handily, but there … Read more

Just Sing the Blues and Face Facts: a screed against“self empowerment”

self empowerment

There’s a thing going on in music right now, where women are all about self-empowerment songs: Survivor, Part of Me, Stronger, Fighter, Good as Hell, Confident, Fight Song, Woman like Me. The list goes on. It’s awesome but it’s weird because something’s missing. I was sitting with a singer friend of mine who is going … Read more