NFreads covers Larry Vaughn!


I’m delighted that NFreads, a site that reviews and features great nonfiction has published a piece I wrote about working as a biographer with the brilliant Larry Vaughn. Take a look here! Larry has taken on the ambitious project of doing a public relations campaign for his book Business Cards and Shoe Leather. We sent … Read moreNFreads covers Larry Vaughn!

Writers are Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, I think I’ve been in denial about a little thing called stress, for years. Perhaps “ignorance” is more accurate than “denial,” though. It’s just that I always thought of “stress” as something suffered by working moms, high powered lawyers, and people in the midst of divorce. As for me: I’m self employed, … Read moreWriters are Entrepreneurs

Author Acknowledges Ghostwriter

I want to commend my client Larry Vaughn for getting out there and making sure his book gets into the public eye. Larry’s memoir, Business Cards and Shoe Leather, is all about how cooperation, not competition, brings out the best in every business. Larry walks the walk, too, as he is eager to bring everyone … Read moreAuthor Acknowledges Ghostwriter

Business Cards and Shoe Leather

Hey folks! I’m excited to announce the release of a new book by Pangloss Press: Business Cards and Shoe Leather, by Larry Vaughn, with me, Ruby Peru. This touching memoir is about dyslexia, the cooperative mindset, and running an ethical business. Business Cards and Shoe Leather is a great example of the kind of work … Read moreBusiness Cards and Shoe Leather

Ghostwriting for Disorganized People

It has recently come to my attention that some would-be authors out there need a ghostwriter because they’re disorganized. You might have a great writing style and engaging ideas, but writing a full-length book is a daunting task. So, let’s talk about how ghostwriting for disorganized people works. Ghostwriting for disorganized people: a timeline is … Read moreGhostwriting for Disorganized People

Practice Creativity in a Writer’s Group

I’ve finally done it. Bitten the proverbial bullet. Made myself a “leader” of a “writer’s group.” It’s a group where we practice creativity, which  is, after all, a skill. Honestly, I stay away from writer’s groups as a rule because … who was it that said, “I’d never join a group that would have me … Read morePractice Creativity in a Writer’s Group

How to Get Ripped Off Ten Ways Before Breakfast

First thing I do, I walk off the plane, and it’s two a.m. in New Delhi. I occurs to me I might have picked a flight with a more convenient arrival time. India’s confusing enough in the daytime, but what the hell. I’m wide awake and feeling brave, so I change $1000 at a booth that … Read moreHow to Get Ripped Off Ten Ways Before Breakfast

Getting to the Heart of your Life Story

It’s great when ghostwriting clients can find memoir themes that reach beyond their own lives and have something to say to the community at large. This is where you get to ask: What has my life been about? What have I learned? What are some great memoir themes? Finding memoir themes is oftentimes the most … Read moreGetting to the Heart of your Life Story

Ghostwriting for Successful Dyslexics

A healthy percentage of the ghostwriting clients I’ve had have been successful dyslexics. These are some of my favorite clients to work with. They tend to have fascinating ideas, interesting life stories, and a lot of compassion in their hearts. Adult illiteracy is common among successful dyslexics To become financially secure as an illiterate adult … Read moreGhostwriting for Successful Dyslexics

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