You’ll Cheer! Amazing Memoirist Reviewed by Expert NFReads

I’m delighted that NFreads, a site that reviews and features great nonfiction has published a piece I wrote about working as a biographer with amazing memoirist Larry Vaughn. Take a look here! Larry has taken on the ambitious project of doing a public relations campaign for his book Business Cards and Shoe Leather.

We sent out a press release to tens of thousands of media outlets and got quite a few responses: mostly radio shows. So, Larry has been interviewed about his book all over America and Canada, which has given a lot of clout to his book efforts. His primary topic is being an adult with dyslexia, which has brought him some benefits along with some challenges. In his interviews, Larry talks a lot about how a dyslexic can become a writer.

Public Relations is Better Marketing for any Amazing Memoirist

Marketing is all about advertising your book, but when it comes to public relations, that’s where other people advertise you for you. When you’re receiving good public relations, others write articles about you, interview you, and generally give you free press. It’s more prestigious to be seen in the news than to be seen advertising, so this approach is an interesting one for an indy book author and an amazing memoirist like Larry. We’re still waiting for the results. Good luck, Larry!

Public Relations is a subject of much controversy among indy authors, as it garners unpredictable results. It’s always preferable to let the news do your advertising for you, but for the money we put in, do we get enough out? I can only answer that with the very affordable approach Larry took to PR, he has given innumerable radio interviews and been covered by plenty of websites, so if name recognition is the name of the game, this effort definitely paid off for Larry Vaughn, an amazing memoirist.

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