Business Cards and Shoe Leather

Business Cards and Shoe Leather

Hey folks! I’m excited to announce the release of a new book by Pangloss Press: Business Cards and Shoe Leather, by Larry Vaughn, with me, Ruby Peru. This touching memoir is about dyslexia, the cooperative mindset, and running an ethical business.

Business Cards and Shoe Leather is a great example of the kind of work I do as a ghostwriter with my clients. This story introduces readers to the small-town world of Carlsbad, New Mexico, where (back in the 1950s and 60s) a boy’s profound dyslexia was never diagnosed. The story follows that determined boy as he achieves remarkable success in life.

The Dyslexia Mindset

Business Cards and Shoe Leather blends up-to-date research on dyslexia with a story showing the power of a dyslexic mind. Dyslexia isn’t just a handicap but a completely different way of thinking. Despite their difficulties with reading, dyslexics tend to be big-picture thinkers who understand the power of relationships and storytelling better than others. Larry’s story shows him to be typical in all the best ways.

Dyslexia and Public Speaking

Learning to be a great public speaker was a significant accomplishment for Larry Vaughn, who couldn’t make use of tele-prompters. Instead, he taught himself to rely on telling extemporaneous stories that illustrated the points he needed to make.

Before long, Larry’s unique presentations attracted international attention. He found that being dyslexic was actually a benefit to him, as it made his style unique.

Book cover for Larry Vaughn's Business Cards & Shoe LeatherDyslexia in a Small Town

Business Cards and Shoe Leather is not only an inspiring success story but also a testament to the benefits of a small-town upbringing. Instead of decrying the limitations of unsophisticated schooling or a society with a narrow point of view, Larry writes about the advantages he enjoyed as a child.

Growing up, Larry’s community valued family and hard work above all else. Because of this mindset, Larry remained confident despite his scholastic failures. His community taught Larry how to build relationships and conduct himself ethically. In the end, this was far more helpful in business than any formal education could have been.

Business Cards and Shoe Leather is a humorous and inspiring read for anyone who enjoys being lifted up by the success of others. Whether or not you (or someone in your family) suffer from dyslexia, Larry has a lot to teach you from his unique, dyslexic point of view.

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