Welcome! I’m Ruby Peru, an author and ghostwriter. As a ghostwriter, I specialize in memoirs written in an easy-going, novel-like style that reflects a client’s unique voice. I’m known for integrating humor into memoirs—not as jokes or one-liners, but by letting clients’ personalities shine through the work. My memoirs tend to reveal how clients have kept their sense of humor about themselves, life’s ups and downs, and our crazy human foibles. 

I’m fascinated by true stories in everything from book-length memoirs to oral storytelling, and that’s why I lecture around the country, on memoir writing, and host the Santa Fe Speakeasy on the last Thursday of every month. Here, locals step up on our tiny stage, tell the stories of their lives, and build a community around celebrating individuality and life experience.

Working as a ghostwriter, I get to have a lot of fascinating adventures. So, my own work runs the gamut from memoir to fantasy. Please enjoy my journal, and keep an eye out for my upcoming release, an illustrated novel called Bits of String too Small to Save.